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"What's Pencil Artists all about then?"

Here at Pencil Artists our aims and hopes are simple:
  • To provide a community centre that will be useful to all pencil artists. We cannot stress enough that there is a place for EVERYONE here, from the total beginner to the accomplished professional. ALL are welcome!
  • To promote pencil art and give it the recognition and place in the art world that it deserves.
  • To help push individual artists forward and showcase their work and unique style.
  • To have fun and help other artists! Please remember to be thoughtful, tactful and courteous, particularly in our friendly forums, where you can really 'get together' with your fellow artists!

When people type 'pencil art' into a search engine, we want them to come here and say, "This is it! This is a central point for everything I was searching for!"

Please help us to become that site! Thank you!

The 'Get Involved' Box

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Wherever you see this 'Get Involved' box, it means that the page it appears on needs your input and action! Don't just sit back and watch, GET INVOLVED with Pencil Artists!


The Pencil Artists Web Ring was born in January 1999

The Pencil Artists Mailing List was born in March 1999

This Pencil Artists Community Site opened on November 1st 2000

{short description of image}GET INVOLVED!
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