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The Pencil Artists Web Ring

What Is The Pencil Artists Web Ring?
The Pencil Artists Web Ring was founded in January 1999, when I found that there were many Web Rings for art of all kinds, but not enough for pencil work only. So I decided to start one!
The Ring is designed to link artists whose sites contain graphite and/or colour pencil artwork. If you're arty with a pencil, this ring is for you! Please note that we do NOT welcome sites with pornographic, overtly sexual or offensive material - your work must be suitable for visitors aged 13 and over.
So if you have a selection of pencil artwork on your site, please join the ring! As this Web Ring grows, it will increase traffic to your site, bringing people who are particularly interested in pencil art to view your work!

How Do I Join?
It's easy! Just go here and click the 'Join This Ring' button. (If you don't already have a Yahoo ID, you will be asked to register - it's free!) When you have submitted your details, your site will be visited by the Pencil Artists Founder (oh, that's me! :) and then you will receive an email. This email will tell you how to get the code for the banner that needs to be placed on your web page - please do this as quickly as possible, and let us know if you require any help!

That's it!

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