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On The Easel

Here, we would like to show your unfinished pieces.
It could be a piece you are having trouble with, and you can appeal here for help. (Discuss it in the On The Easel Forum.)
It could be a piece you are becoming very proud of as you work, and you might like to show it off here, with a series of scans from unfinished to complete.

The only 'rule' is that you MUST show it at various stages of progress.
(If you want critique on already completed pieces, put them into a message in the forum , or send them in to the Mailing List.)

Submit work that you would like included here - don't forget to add your name, and tell us if you want help, critique or display only.
Have a look at what we have so far:
On The Easel

Works currently in progress
Lucie - First Colour Portrait - Comments requested

Kathleen Daughtridge - Circulism Wolf - Comments requested
Lucie - Graphite portrait - Comments requested
Karen Cardinal - Colour Portrait - Comments requested

Previous On The Easel works - now complete

Sandie Terry - Colour pencil portrait in progress
Nigel Fuller - portrait commission
Nigel Fuller - Graphite Portrait

{short description of image}GET INVOLVED!
Send us what's in progress on YOUR easel right now!

Other artists may require your critique right NOW in the Pencil Talk Forum!