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Art Supplies

We need everyone's help for this section!!

We need a list of good online stores which sell everything a pencil artist needs! And we need it for EACH country!
So, if you are happy with the place that you order from, sing their praises here!
Email and tell us the URL of the store

and the country it's based in.

We also need reviews of certain paper, pencils, erasers and other pencil artists' tools. Something along the lines of 'Prismacolor pencils are great because___ and are best to use for___'. Think about artists buying for the first time, and try to help them out with their choices!
Send in your reviews now!

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Please send us your favourite online store URL and tools reviews!


Art Supplies
What we have so far:



Dick Blick Art Materials - Ultimate Art Store!
ArtXpress - Paper, pencils, art furniture etc.
The Jerry's Catalog - Extensive range
HomeSchool Arts - fabulous site with supplies, tutorials, etc

Pearl - Full catalogue not online yet, but still worth checking out!

RexArt - Friendly, informative, and FAST delivery!
In2Art - Jam-packed, easy to navigate site!


Island Blue - Lovely bright and comprehensive online catalogue!

Nordraft - Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars. American customers may subtract 40%




Artworker - Very wide range of materials
Heaton Cooper - Loads of pencils!
Bottomleys - Huge store
Ken Bromley -
Great range

Cass Arts - Loads of pencils, some sold in SINGLE quantity!