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The Pencil Artists Mailing List
Do you like to draw with graphite and/or coloured pencils? Whether you're a complete beginner or accomplished professional, you're welcome to join The Pencil Artists mailing list !

(Founded March 1999)

About mailing lists in general
If you've never joined/subscribed to a mailing list, here's how it works. You send an e-mail containing a question or comment about (in this case) pencil art, to an address you'll be given on joining. Your message will then be received by everyone on the list, and they can then post an answering comment to the same address, and everyone receives that, too, and so it goes on! It's as simple as that! Mailing lists can be great discussion places, and a wonderful source of information on any available subject. You can subscribe to this mailing list in either normal or digest mode. In normal mode, you will receive all the messages singly as they arrive, (which can rather overflow your mailbox during busy periods!) In digest mode, although you may not get the messages immediately after they're sent to the list, it's easier to handle as you are sent multiple messages in one single posting. It's all a matter of personal preference.

About The Pencil Artists mailing list
This list is a great place to discuss pencil techniques, share tips, ask advice from fellow pencil artists about any problems you might be having, post links to your online art and inform others about updates to your site, get to know others with similar interests and talk about anything to do with pencil art! There are currently a great bunch of people waiting to welcome and encourage you!

How to join
Just click here and fill in the requested details!