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Karen Cardinal
Karen has appreciated your comments as she worked on this piece! Why not congratulate her on her fabulous completed portrait in the Forum?
Click on picture to see it enlarged Karen's comments:
stage 1 This is a portrait of a friend I am working on. This is the pencil stage where I work out the layout and values of the drawing. Her eyes are a little off here and her face is a touch too wide... something I'll have to fix in the color version.
stage 2 I started with the hair because that's where the darkest darks and the lightest lights will end up being.
stage 3 I refined the hair and started smudging in my background. I also layed some highlights in for her shirt so I know where to go with that. I'm not sure if I should darken the background or not....need input on that.
Stage 4 I couldn't stand it any longer...I had to put in the first layers of skin tone. I know that there is a long way to go on her face. I need to add lots of contrast, etc, but this should give me an idea where the shadows and highlights will fall. I would appreciate input on how this should go. Especially in the shirt and background. -Thanks-
Stage5 I darkened the background and added more depth to her face. I still need to work on her shirt though.
Final Work
Well, I've added enough layers now that I'm just moving the colors around and not laying any new ones down, so I guess I'll call it done. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome though. I decided to blend her shirt into the background to keep the emphasis on her face. Now I just hope she likes the drawing. :)

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