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What Is Art?
By Robert Gunther Haid, Jr.

What makes an "Artist?"
Just what is "Art?"
Is it really more than a way
Of expressing your heart?
Is art something specific,
Something clearly defined?
Something determined
By a critic's mind?
No! I say NO!
My belief will not sway.
I cannot define art
In such a limited way.
Art is more than a masterpiece
By Da Vinci or Van Gogh
I find art in the scribbles of my daughters
Just starting to draw
So, then, what is art?
It is easy to see
The simple definition
Of what Art can be
... A way of releasing
What's held in your heart
Using pencils or paint,
Even poetry is Art.
And if this is true
Then logically we can say
That an artist is anyone
That communicates this way.

Thank you, Robert, for allowing us to display your lovely poem here!